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What we do for our clients



We assist you with implementation of hybrid cloud, based on your requirement in a Build – Operate – Transfer approach. This is so much faster than the traditional hiring cycle, you can quickly move away from the heavy duty costs to a very agile, scalable and cost effective hybrid cloud deployment.


We know that learning is a experience that extends ones knowledge. We therefore bundled this with a thought through modal’s of Classroom Training, Online Training and Video Based Learning. We know how to make your learning experience more rewarding than ever before.



We provide the Just in time dosage of resources to keep your business running with the same professional touch with which we provide our services. Its ever more quicker to onboard for all your short term, medium term and long term resource requirements.



We offer you the best options based on cost or functionality requirements and help you scale the Infrastructure by suggesting the best practices and help you avoid pitfalls. Our recommendations align to your best interests, conventional cost savings and mature process model.

CloudsWise Services

CloudsWise is a professional organization with the perfect blend of skill and experience in the cloud space. We have traditionally been Linux/Unix enthusiasts providing Services in Setting up and Managing Linux Infrastructure. We have experience in managing Non-Linux Environments such as Solaris, AIX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD etc. We have over a period of time, encapsulated ourselves into providing services on AWS, Openstack, Hadoop, Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, RackSpace etc.

What we do


With our Core Expertise of over 20 years, we will be able to assist you in

SWOT analysis on moving to the cloud

There is the fear of the unknown always while moving to a new paradigm. Nonetheless, it is important that we have a 360 degree understanding of the solution and the benefits there of. We could provide a detailed study of existing infrastructure and the tangible benefits of moving to the cloud

Installation and commission of Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud using openstack

We could help design/deploy your own cloud from scratch giving you the professional touch, hand hold you and your team to manage the infrastructure and be a shoulder to lean on at times of distress.

Installation and commission of AWS Services

AWS is by and large the trendsetters for the cloud. We are in a comfortable position to help you design AWS Infrastructure solution to meet your requirements.

Setting up VPC and Hardening the OS instances on the cloud

Since your data is on the cloud, it is therefore necessary to provide a layer of security for your instances. We provide services to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control Security Services on the Amazon cloud.

Provide Vulnerability and Security Analysis for cloud based instances

Set up Monitoring/Reporting using nagios core

Setting up Infrastructure As A Code (IaaC) to have complete control over infrastructure with git and chef/Puppet

Providing Turnkey solutions with architecting a complete transition from scratch

We also provide basic OS Support on the Linux Platform as well as staffing services for all your Linux/Cloud Requirements

About CloudsWise

CloudsWise provides innovative and flexible solutions for the technology needs of our clients. Our solutions enable you to undertake new projects and tackle new product areas most effectively. Because of our focus on technology and its application in manifest industries... Read More.

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